Executive Summary

Title Cisco IoT Field Network Director Memory Exhaustion Denial of Service Vulnerability
Name cisco-sa-20170906-fnd First vendor Publication 2017-09-06
Vendor Cisco Last vendor Modification 2017-09-06
Severity (Vendor) N/A Revision N/A

Security-Database Scoring CVSS v3

Cvss vector : N/A
Overall CVSS Score NA
Base Score NA Environmental Score NA
impact SubScore NA Temporal Score NA
Exploitabality Sub Score NA
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Security-Database Scoring CVSS v2

Cvss vector : (AV:N/AC:L/Au:N/C:N/I:N/A:C)
Cvss Base Score 7.8 Attack Range Network
Cvss Impact Score 6.9 Attack Complexity Low
Cvss Expoit Score 10 Authentication None Required
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A vulnerability in the TCP throttling process for Cisco IoT Field Network Director (IoT-FND) could allow an unauthenticated, remote attacker to cause the system to consume additional memory, eventually forcing the device to restart.

The vulnerability is due to insufficient rate-limiting protection. An attacker could exploit this vulnerability by sending a high rate of TCP packets to a specific group of open listening ports on a targeted device. An exploit could allow the attacker to cause the system to consume additional memory. If enough available memory is consumed, the system will restart, creating a temporary denial of service (DoS) condition. The DoS condition will end after the device has finished the restart process.

Cisco has released software updates that address this vulnerability. There are no workarounds that address this vulnerability.

This advisory is available at the following link: https://tools.cisco.com/security/center/content/CiscoSecurityAdvisory/cisco-sa-20170906-fnd ["https://tools.cisco.com/security/center/content/CiscoSecurityAdvisory/cisco-sa-20170906-fnd"]


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Url : http://tools.cisco.com/security/center/content/CiscoSecurityAdvisory/cisco (...)

CWE : Common Weakness Enumeration

% Id Name
100 % CWE-770 Allocation of Resources Without Limits or Throttling

CPE : Common Platform Enumeration

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Application 2

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