Operator Precedence Logic Error
Weakness ID: 783 (Weakness Variant)Status: Draft
+ Description

Description Summary

The program uses an expression in which operator precedence causes incorrect logic to be used.

Extended Description

While often just a bug, operator precedence logic errors can have serious consequences if they are used in security-critical code, such as making an authentication decision.

+ Applicable Platforms


C: (Rarely)

C++: (Rarely)

Any: (Rarely)

+ Modes of Introduction

Logic errors related to operator precedence may cause problems even during normal operation, so they are probably discovered quickly during the testing phase. If testing is incomplete or there is a strong reliance on manual review of the code, then these errors may not be discovered before the software is deployed.

+ Common Consequences

The consequences will vary based on the context surrounding the incorrect precedence. In a security decision, integrity or confidentiality are the most likely results. Otherwise, a crash may occur due to the software reaching an unexpected state.

+ Likelihood of Exploit


+ Observed Examples
CVE-2008-2516Authentication module allows authentication bypass because it uses "(x = call(args) == SUCCESS)" instead of "((x = call(args)) == SUCCESS)".
CVE-2008-0599Chain: Language interpreter calculates wrong buffer size (CWE-131) by using "size = ptr ? X : Y" instead of "size = (ptr ? X : Y)" expression.
CVE-2001-1155Chain: product does not properly check the result of a reverse DNS lookup because of operator precedence (CWE-783), allowing bypass of DNS-based access restrictions.
+ Potential Mitigations

Phase: Implementation

Regularly wrap sub-expressions in parentheses, especially in security-critical code.

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CERT C Secure CodingEXP00-CExactUse parentheses for precedence of operation
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