Unvalidated Function Hook Arguments
Weakness ID: 622 (Weakness Variant)Status: Draft
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Description Summary

A product adds hooks to user-accessible API functions, but does not properly validate the arguments. This could lead to resultant vulnerabilities.

Extended Description

Such hooks can be used in defensive software that runs with privileges, such as anti-virus or firewall, which hooks kernel calls. When the arguments are not validated, they could be used to bypass the protection scheme or attack the product itself.

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+ Observed Examples
CVE-2007-0708DoS in firewall using standard Microsoft functions
CVE-2006-7160DoS in firewall using standard Microsoft functions
CVE-2007-1376function does not verify that its argument is the proper type, leading to arbitrary memory write
CVE-2007-1220invalid syscall arguments bypass code execution limits
CVE-2006-4541DoS in IDS via NULL argument
+ Potential Mitigations

Ensure that all arguments are verified, as defined by the API you are protecting.

Drop privileges before invoking such functions, if possible.

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ChildOfWeakness ClassWeakness Class20Improper Input Validation
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ChildOfWeakness BaseWeakness Base88Argument Injection or Modification
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