Comparison of Object References Instead of Object Contents
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The program compares object references instead of the contents of the objects themselves, preventing it from detecting equivalent objects.
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Example 1

In the following example, two Truck objects are compared using the == operator (incorrect) as opposed to calling the equals() method (correct).

(Bad Code)
Example Language: Java 
public boolean compareTrucks(Truck a, Truck b) {
return a == b;
+ Potential Mitigations

Use the equals() method to compare objects instead of the == operator. If using ==, it is important for performance reasons that your objects are created by a static factory, not by a constructor.

+ Other Notes

This problem can cause unexpected application behavior. Comparing objects using == usually produces deceptive results, since the == operator compares object references rather than values. To use == on a string, the programmer has to make sure that these objects are unique in the program, that is, that they don't have the equals method defined or have a static factory that produces unique objects.

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