Explicit Call to Finalize()
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Description Summary

The software makes an explicit call to the finalize() method from outside the finalizer.

Extended Description

While the Java Language Specification allows an object's finalize() method to be called from outside the finalizer, doing so is usually a bad idea. For example, calling finalize() explicitly means that finalize() will be called more than once: the first time will be the explicit call and the last time will be the call that is made after the object is garbage collected.

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+ Demonstrative Examples

Example 1

The following code fragment calls finalize() explicitly:

(Bad Code)
Example Language: Java 
// time to clean up
+ Potential Mitigations

Do not make explicit calls to finalize(). Use static analysis tools to spot such instances.

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ChildOfWeakness ClassWeakness Class227Failure to Fulfill API Contract ('API Abuse')
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ChildOfWeakness ClassWeakness Class398Indicator of Poor Code Quality
Development Concepts (primary)699
PeerOfWeakness ClassWeakness Class675Duplicate Operations on Resource
Research Concepts1000
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