SQL Injection: Hibernate
Weakness ID: 564 (Weakness Variant)Status: Incomplete
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Using Hibernate to execute a dynamic SQL statement built with user-controlled input can allow an attacker to modify the statement's meaning or to execute arbitrary SQL commands.
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  • Architecture and Design
  • Implementation
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Example 1

The following code excerpt uses Hibernate's HQL syntax to build a dynamic query that's vulnerable to SQL injection.

(Bad Code)
Example Language: Java 
String street = getStreetFromUser();
Query query = session.createQuery("from Address a where a.street='" + street + "'");
+ Potential Mitigations

Requirements specification: A non-SQL style database which is not subject to this flaw may be chosen.

Phase: Architecture and Design

Follow the principle of least privilege when creating user accounts to a SQL database. Users should only have the minimum privileges necessary to use their account. If the requirements of the system indicate that a user can read and modify their own data, then limit their privileges so they cannot read/write others' data.

Phase: Architecture and Design

Duplicate any filtering done on the client-side on the server side.

Phase: Implementation

Implement SQL strings using prepared statements that bind variables. Prepared statements that do not bind variables can be vulnerable to attack.

Phase: Implementation

Use vigorous white-list style checking on any user input that may be used in a SQL command. Rather than escape meta-characters, it is safest to disallow them entirely. Reason: Later use of data that have been entered in the database may neglect to escape meta-characters before use. Narrowly define the set of safe characters based on the expected value of the parameter in the request.

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ChildOfWeakness BaseWeakness Base89Improper Sanitization of Special Elements used in an SQL Command ('SQL Injection')
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109Object Relational Mapping Injection
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