J2EE Misconfiguration: Data Transmission Without SecurityDatabase\Encrypt\Encryption
Weakness ID: 5 (Weakness Variant)Status: Draft
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Information sent over a network can be compromised while in transit. An attacker may be able to read/modify the contents if the data are sent in plaintext or are weakly encrypted.
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The application configuration should ensure that SSL or an encryption mechanism of equivalent strength and vetted reputation is used for all access-controlled pages.

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If an application uses SSL to guarantee confidential communication with client browsers, the application configuration should make it impossible to view any access controlled page without SSL. There are three common ways for SSL to be bypassed: - (1) A user manually enters URL and types "HTTP" rather than "HTTPS". - (2) Attackers intentionally send a user to an insecure URL. - (3) A programmer erroneously creates a relative link to a page in the application, failing to switch from HTTP to HTTPS. (This is particularly easy to do when the link moves between public and secured areas on a web site.)

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