Public cloneable() Method Without Final ('Object Hijack')
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A class has a cloneable() method that is not declared final, which allows an object to be created without calling the constructor. This can cause the object to be in an unexpected state.
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Example 1

In this example, a public class "BankAccount" implements the cloneable() method which declares "Object clone(string accountnumber)":

(Bad Code)
Example Language: Java 
public class BankAccount implements Cloneable{
public Object clone(String accountnumber) throws
Object returnMe = new BankAccount(account number);


Example 2

In the example below, a clone() method is defined without being declared final.

(Bad Code)
Example Language: Java 
protected Object clone() throws CloneNotSupportedException {
+ Potential Mitigations

Make the cloneable() method final.

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OWASP. "OWASP , Attack Category : Mobile code: object hijack". <>.
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