Reliance on Package-level Scope
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Java packages are not inherently closed; therefore, relying on them for code security is not a good practice.
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Any data in a Java package can be accessed outside of the Java framework if the package is distributed.


The data in a Java class can be modified by anyone outside of the Java framework if the packages is distributed.

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Example 1

(Bad Code)
Example Language: Java 
package math;
public class Lebesgue implements Integration{
public final Static String youAreHidingThisFunction(functionToIntegrate){

return ...;
+ Potential Mitigations

Design through Implementation: Data should be private static and final whenever possible. This will assure that your code is protected by instantiating early, preventing access and tampering.

+ Other Notes

The purpose of package scope is to prevent accidental access. However, this protection provides an ease-of-software-development feature but not a security feature, unless it is sealed.

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