Path Equivalence: 'file name' (Internal Whitespace)
Weakness ID: 48 (Weakness Variant)Status: Incomplete
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A software system that accepts path input in the form of internal space ('file(SPACE)name') without appropriate validation can lead to ambiguous path resolution and allow an attacker to traverse the file system to unintended locations or access arbitrary files.
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+ Observed Examples
CVE-2000-0293Filenames with spaces allow arbitrary file deletion when the product does not properly quote them; some overlap with path traversal.
CVE-2001-1567"+" characters in query string converted to spaces before sensitive file/extension (internal space), leading to bypass of access restrictions to the file.
+ Potential Mitigations

see the vulnerability category "Path Equivalence"

+ Other Notes

This is not necessarily an equivalence issue, but it can also be used to spoof icons or conduct information hiding via information truncation (see user interface errors).

This weakness is likely to overlap quoting problems, e.g. the "Program Files" untrusted search path variants. It also could be an equivalence issue if filtering removes all extraneous spaces.

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OWASP Top Ten 2004A9CWE More SpecificDenial of Service
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