Asymmetric Resource Consumption (Amplification)
Weakness ID: 405 (Weakness Class)Status: Incomplete
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Software that fails to appropriately monitor or control resource consumption can lead to adverse system performance.

Extended Description

This situation is amplified if the software allows malicious users or attackers to consume more resources than their access level permits. Exploiting such a weakness can lead to asymmetric resource consumption, aiding in amplification attacks against the system or the network.

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+ Common Consequences

Sometimes this is a factor in "flood" attacks, but other types of amplification exist.

+ Potential Mitigations

An application must make resources available to a client commensurate with the client's access level.

An application must, at all times, keep track of allocated resources and meter their usage appropriately.

+ Relationships
NatureTypeIDNameView(s) this relationship pertains toView(s)
ChildOfCategoryCategory399Resource Management Errors
Development Concepts (primary)699
ChildOfWeakness ClassWeakness Class664Improper Control of a Resource Through its Lifetime
Research Concepts (primary)1000
ChildOfCategoryCategory730OWASP Top Ten 2004 Category A9 - Denial of Service
Weaknesses in OWASP Top Ten (2004) (primary)711
ParentOfWeakness BaseWeakness Base406Insufficient Control of Network Message Volume (Network Amplification)
Development Concepts (primary)699
Research Concepts (primary)1000
ParentOfWeakness BaseWeakness Base407Algorithmic Complexity
Development Concepts (primary)699
Research Concepts (primary)1000
ParentOfWeakness BaseWeakness Base408Incorrect Behavior Order: Early Amplification
Development Concepts (primary)699
Research Concepts1000
ParentOfWeakness BaseWeakness Base409Improper Handling of Highly Compressed Data (Data Amplification)
Development Concepts (primary)699
Research Concepts (primary)1000
PeerOfWeakness BaseWeakness Base404Improper Resource Shutdown or Release
Research Concepts1000
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PLOVERAsymmetric resource consumption (amplification)
OWASP Top Ten 2004A9CWE More SpecificDenial of Service
WASC41XML Attribute Blowup
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