Signal Errors
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Weaknesses in this category are related to the improper handling of signals.
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+ Observed Examples
CVE-2002-2039unhandled SIGSERV signal allows core dump
CVE-1999-1224SIGABRT (abort) signal not properly handled, causing core dump.
CVE-2004-1014Remote attackers cause a crash using early connection termination, which generates SIGPIPE signal.
CVE-2005-2377Library does not handle a SIGPIPE signal when a server becomes available during a search query. Overlaps unchecked error condition?
CVE-2002-0839SIGUSR1 can be sent as root from non-root process.
CVE-1999-1441Kernel does not prevent users from sending SIGIO signal, which causes crash in applications that do not handle it. Overlaps privileges.
CVE-2000-0747Script sends wrong signal to a process and kills it.
CVE-1999-1326Interruption of operation causes signal to be handled incorrectly, leading to crash.
CVE-2001-1180Shared signal handlers not cleared when executing a process. Overlaps initialization error.
CVE-2004-2069Privileged process does not properly signal unprivileged process after session termination, leading to connection consumption.
CVE-2004-2259SIGCHLD signal to FTP server can cause crash under heavy load while executing non-reentrant functions like malloc/free. Possibly signal handler race condition?
CVE-2005-0893Certain signals implemented with unsafe library calls.
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ChildOfCategoryCategory634Weaknesses that Affect System Processes
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ParentOfWeakness BaseWeakness Base364Signal Handler Race Condition
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  • System Process
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PLOVERSignal Errors
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Several sub-categories could exist, but this needs more study. Some sub-categories might be unhandled signals, untrusted signals, and sending the wrong signals.

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