Often Misused: String Management
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Functions that manipulate strings encourage buffer overflows.
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Windows provides the _mbs family of functions to perform various operations on multibyte strings. When these functions are passed a malformed multibyte string, such as a string containing a valid leading byte followed by a single null byte, they can read or write past the end of the string buffer causing a buffer overflow. The following functions all pose a risk of buffer overflow: _mbsinc _mbsdec _mbsncat _mbsncpy _mbsnextc _mbsnset _mbsrev _mbsset _mbsstr _mbstok _mbccpy _mbslen

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7 Pernicious KingdomsOften Misused: Strings
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Definition: A weakness where code path has:

1. end statement that passes the string item to a string function

2. start statement that malformed the string item

Where "malformed" is defined through the following scenarios:

1. changed to unexpected value

2. incorrect syntactical structure

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