Containment Errors (Container Errors)
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This tries to cover various problems in which improper data are included within a "container."
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Compartmentalize your system to have "safe" areas where trust boundaries can be unambiguously drawn. Do not allow sensitive data to go outside of the trust boundary and always be careful when interfacing with a compartment outside of the safe area.

+ Relationships
NatureTypeIDNameView(s) this relationship pertains toView(s)
ChildOfCategoryCategory199Information Management Errors
Development Concepts (primary)699
ChildOfWeakness ClassWeakness Class485Insufficient Encapsulation
Research Concepts (primary)1000
RequiredByCompound Element: CompositeCompound Element: Composite61UNIX Symbolic Link (Symlink) Following
Research Concepts1000
RequiredByCompound Element: CompositeCompound Element: Composite426Untrusted Search Path
Research Concepts1000
ParentOfWeakness VariantWeakness Variant219Sensitive Data Under Web Root
Development Concepts (primary)699
Research Concepts1000
ParentOfWeakness VariantWeakness Variant220Sensitive Data Under FTP Root
Development Concepts (primary)699
ParentOfWeakness VariantWeakness Variant493Critical Public Variable Without Final Modifier
Research Concepts1000
PeerOfWeakness BaseWeakness Base98Improper Control of Filename for Include/Require Statement in PHP Program ('PHP File Inclusion')
Research Concepts1000
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PLOVERContainment errors (container errors)
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This entry is closely associated with others related to encapsulation and permissions, and might ultimately prove to be a duplicate.

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