Information Exposure Through an External Behavioral Inconsistency
Weakness ID: 207 (Weakness Variant)Status: Draft
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The product behaves differently than other products like it, in a way that is observable to an attacker and exposes security-relevant information about which product is being used.
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+ Observed Examples
CVE-2002-0208Product modifies TCP/IP stack and ICMP error messages in unusual ways that show the product is in use.
CVE-2004-2252Behavioral infoleak by responding to SYN-FIN packets.
CVE-2000-1142Honeypot generates an error with a "pwd" command in a particular directory, allowing attacker to know they are in a honeypot system.
+ Potential Mitigations

Compartmentalize your system to have "safe" areas where trust boundaries can be unambiguously drawn. Do not allow sensitive data to go outside of the trust boundary and always be careful when interfacing with a compartment outside of the safe area.

Setup generic response pages for error condition. The error page should not disclose information about the success or failure of a sensitive operation. For instance, the login page should not confirm that the login is correct and the password incorrect. The attacker who tries random account name may be able to guess some of them. Confirming that the account exists would make the login page more susceptible to brute force attack.

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