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Vendor Canonical First view 2018-03-20
Product Ubuntu Linux Last view 2021-04-17
Version 16.04 Type Os
Update *  
Edition *  
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Sofware Edition *  
Target Software *  
Target Hardware *  
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CPE Product cpe:2.3:o:canonical:ubuntu_linux

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  Date Alert Description
7.8 2021-04-17 CVE-2021-3493

The overlayfs implementation in the linux kernel did not properly validate with respect to user namespaces the setting of file capabilities on files in an underlying file system. Due to the combination of unprivileged user namespaces along with a patch carried in the Ubuntu kernel to allow unprivileged overlay mounts, an attacker could use this to gain elevated privileges.

7.8 2021-04-17 CVE-2021-3492

Shiftfs, an out-of-tree stacking file system included in Ubuntu Linux kernels, did not properly handle faults occurring during copy_from_user() correctly. These could lead to either a double-free situation or memory not being freed at all. An attacker could use this to cause a denial of service (kernel memory exhaustion) or gain privileges via executing arbitrary code. AKA ZDI-CAN-13562.

6.8 2020-12-04 CVE-2020-27348

In some conditions, a snap package built by snapcraft includes the current directory in LD_LIBRARY_PATH, allowing a malicious snap to gain code execution within the context of another snap if both plug the home interface or similar. This issue affects snapcraft versions prior to 4.4.4, prior to 2.43.1+16.04.1, and prior to 2.43.1+18.04.1.

3.3 2020-08-27 CVE-2020-14415

oss_write in audio/ossaudio.c in QEMU before 5.0.0 mishandles a buffer position.

7.5 2018-03-20 CVE-2018-1000135

GNOME NetworkManager version 1.10.2 and earlier contains a Information Exposure (CWE-200) vulnerability in DNS resolver that can result in Private DNS queries leaked to local network's DNS servers, while on VPN. This vulnerability appears to have been fixed in Some Ubuntu 16.04 packages were fixed, but later updates removed the fix. cf. an upstream fix does not appear to be available at this time.

CWE : Common Weakness Enumeration

16% (1) CWE-427 Uncontrolled Search Path Element
16% (1) CWE-415 Double Free
16% (1) CWE-401 Failure to Release Memory Before Removing Last Reference ('Memory L...
16% (1) CWE-369 Divide By Zero
16% (1) CWE-269 Improper Privilege Management
16% (1) CWE-200 Information Exposure