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N/A2019-08-22CVE-2016-10919cve The wassup plugin before 1.9.1 for WordPress has XSS via the Top stats widget or the wassupURI::add_siteurl method, a different vulnerability than CVE-2012-2633.
N/A2019-08-22CVE-2016-10918cve The gallery-by-supsystic plugin before 1.8.6 for WordPress has CSRF.
N/A2019-08-22CVE-2016-10917cve The search-everything plugin before 8.1.6 for WordPress has SQL injection related to empty search strings, a different vulnerability than CVE-2014-2316.
N/A2019-08-22CVE-2016-10916cve The appointment-booking-calendar plugin before 1.1.24 for WordPress has SQL injection, a different vulnerability than CVE-2015-7319.
N/A2019-08-22CVE-2015-9336cve The clean-login plugin before 1.5.1 for WordPress has reflected XSS.
N/A2019-08-22CVE-2015-9335cve The limit-attempts plugin before 1.1.1 for WordPress has SQL injection during IP address handling.
N/A2019-08-22CVE-2015-9333cve The cforms2 plugin before 14.6.10 for WordPress has SQL injection.
N/A2019-08-22CVE-2013-7481cve The contact-form-plugin plugin before 3.3.5 for WordPress has XSS.
N/A2019-08-22CVE-2013-7480cve The events-manager plugin before for WordPress has XSS via the booking form and admin areas.
N/A2019-08-22CVE-2013-7479cve The events-manager plugin before 5.3.9 for WordPress has XSS in the search form field.
N/A2019-08-22CVE-2013-7478cve The events-manager plugin before 5.5 for WordPress has XSS via EM_Ticket::get_post.
N/A2019-08-22CVE-2013-7477cve The events-manager plugin before 5.5.2 for WordPress has XSS in the booking form.
N/A2019-08-22CVE-2012-6716cve The events-manager plugin before 5.1.7 for WordPress has XSS via JSON call links.
N/A2019-08-22CVE-2009-5158cve The google-analyticator plugin before 5.2.1 for WordPress has insufficient HTML sanitization for Google Analytics API text.
N/A2019-08-21CVE-2019-6177cve A vulnerability reported in Lenovo Solution Center version 03.12.003, which is no longer supported, could allow log files to be written to non-standard locations, potentially le...
N/A2019-08-21CVE-2019-5638cve Rapid7 Nexpose versions 6.5.50 and prior suffer from insufficient session expiration when an administrator performs a security relevant edit on an existing, logged on user. For ...
N/A2019-08-21CVE-2019-15316cve Valve Steam Client for Windows through 2019-08-20 has weak folder permissions, leading to privilege escalation (to NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM) via crafted use of CreateMountPoint.exe a...
N/A2019-08-21CVE-2019-15315cve Valve Steam Client for Windows through 2019-08-16 allows privilege escalation (to NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM) because local users can replace the current versions of SteamService.exe a...
N/A2019-08-21CVE-2019-14686cve A DLL hijacking vulnerability exists in the Trend Micro Security's 2019 consumer family of products (v15) Folder Shield component and the standalone Trend Micro Ransom Bust...
N/A2019-08-21CVE-2019-14685cve A local privilege escalation vulnerability exists in Trend Micro Security 2019 (v15.0) in which, if exploited, would allow an attacker to manipulate a specific product feature t...
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