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4.32019-08-18GLSA-201908-25Gentoo hostapd and wpa_supplicant: Denial of Service
7.52019-08-18GLSA-201908-24Gentoo MariaDB, MySQL: Multiple vulnerabilities
7.52019-08-18GLSA-201908-23Gentoo VLC: Multiple vulnerabilities
9.32019-08-18GLSA-201908-22Gentoo Patch: Multiple vulnerabilities
102019-08-18GLSA-201908-21Gentoo Adobe Flash Player: Multiple vulnerabilities
N/A2019-08-17CVE-2019-15134cve RIOT through 2019.07 contains a memory leak in the TCP implementation (gnrc_tcp), allowing an attacker to consume all memory available for network packets and thus effectively s...
N/A2019-08-17CVE-2019-15133cve In GIFLIB before 2019-02-16, a malformed GIF file triggers a divide-by-zero exception in the decoder function DGifSlurp in dgif_lib.c if the height field of the ImageSize data s...
N/A2019-08-17CVE-2019-15132cve Zabbix through 4.4.0alpha1 allows User Enumeration. With login requests, it is possible to enumerate application usernames based on the variability of server responses (e.g., th...
N/A2019-08-17CVE-2019-14937cve REDCap before 9.3.0 allows time-based SQL injection in the edit calendar event via the cal_id parameter, such as cal_id=55 and sleep(3) to Calendar/calendar_popup_ajax.php. The ...
N/A2019-08-17CVE-2019-13069cve extenua SilverSHielD 6.x fails to secure its ProgramData folder, leading to a Local Privilege Escalation to SYSTEM. The attacker must replace SilverShield.config.sqlite with a v...
N/A2019-08-16CVE-2019-15116cve The easy-digital-downloads plugin before 2.9.16 for WordPress has XSS related to IP address logging.
N/A2019-08-16CVE-2019-15115cve The peters-login-redirect plugin before 2.9.2 for WordPress has CSRF.
N/A2019-08-16CVE-2019-15114cve The formcraft-form-builder plugin before 1.2.2 for WordPress has CSRF.
N/A2019-08-16CVE-2019-15113cve The companion-sitemap-generator plugin before 3.7.0 for WordPress has CSRF.
N/A2019-08-16CVE-2018-20974cve The js-jobs plugin before 1.0.7 for WordPress has CSRF.
N/A2019-08-16CVE-2018-20973cve The companion-auto-update plugin before 3.2.1 for WordPress has local file inclusion.
N/A2019-08-16CVE-2018-20972cve The companion-auto-update plugin before 3.2.1 for WordPress has CSRF.
N/A2019-08-16CVE-2018-20971cve The church-admin plugin before 1.2550 for WordPress has CSRF affecting the upload of a bible reading plan.
N/A2019-08-16CVE-2017-18547cve The nelio-ab-testing plugin before 4.6.4 for WordPress has CSRF in experiment forms.
N/A2019-08-16CVE-2017-18546cve The jayj-quicktag plugin before 1.3.2 for WordPress has CSRF.
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