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N/A2019-10-14CVE-2019-17553cve An issue was discovered in MetInfo v7.0.0 beta. There is SQL Injection via the admin/?n=tags&c=index&a=doSaveTags URI.
N/A2019-10-14CVE-2019-17552cve An issue was discovered in idreamsoft iCMS v7.0.14. There is a spider_project.admincp.php SQL injection vulnerability in the 'upload spider project scheme' feature via...
N/A2019-10-14CVE-2019-17408cve parserIfLabel in inc/zzz_template.php in ZZZCMS zzzphp 1.7.3 allows remote attackers to execute arbitrary code because the danger_key function can be bypassed via manipulations ...
N/A2019-10-13CVE-2019-17547cve In ImageMagick before 7.0.8-62, TraceBezier in MagickCore/draw.c has a use-after-free.
N/A2019-10-13CVE-2019-17546cve tif_getimage.c in LibTIFF through 4.0.10, as used in GDAL through 3.0.1 and other products, has an integer overflow that potentially causes a heap-based buffer overflow via a cr...
N/A2019-10-13CVE-2019-17545cve GDAL through 3.0.1 has a poolDestroy double free in OGRExpatRealloc in ogr/ogr_expat.cpp when the 10MB threshold is exceeded.
N/A2019-10-13CVE-2019-17544cve libaspell.a in GNU Aspell before 0.60.8 has a stack-based buffer over-read in acommon::unescape in common/getdata.cpp via an isolated \ character.
N/A2019-10-13CVE-2019-17543cve LZ4 before 1.9.2 has a heap-based buffer overflow in LZ4_write32 (related to LZ4_compress_destSize), affecting applications that call LZ4_compress_fast with a large input. (This...
N/A2019-10-13CVE-2019-17542cve FFmpeg before 4.2 has a heap-based buffer overflow in vqa_decode_chunk because of an out-of-array access in vqa_decode_init in libavcodec/vqavideo.c.
N/A2019-10-13CVE-2019-17541cve ImageMagick before 7.0.8-55 has a use-after-free in DestroyStringInfo in MagickCore/string.c because the error manager is mishandled in coders/jpeg.c.
N/A2019-10-13CVE-2019-17540cve ImageMagick before 7.0.8-54 has a heap-based buffer overflow in ReadPSInfo in coders/ps.c.
N/A2019-10-13CVE-2019-17539cve In FFmpeg before 4.2, avcodec_open2 in libavcodec/utils.c allows a NULL pointer dereference and possibly unspecified other impact when there is no valid close function pointer.
N/A2019-10-13CVE-2019-17501cve Centreon 19.04 allows attackers to execute arbitrary OS commands via the Command Line field of main.php?p=60807&type=4 (aka the Configuration > Commands > Discovery screen).
N/A2019-10-13CVE-2019-17538cve Jiangnan Online Judge (aka jnoj) 0.8.0 has Directory Traversal for file reading via the web/polygon/problem/viewfile?id=1&name=../ substring.
N/A2019-10-13CVE-2019-17537cve Jiangnan Online Judge (aka jnoj) 0.8.0 has Directory Traversal for file deletion via the web/polygon/problem/deletefile?id=1&name=../ substring.
N/A2019-10-13CVE-2019-17536cve Gila CMS through 1.11.4 allows Unrestricted Upload of a File with a Dangerous Type via the moveAction function in core/controllers/fm.php. The attacker needs to use admin/media_...
4.32019-10-13CVE-2019-17535cve Gila CMS through 1.11.4 allows blog-list.php XSS, in both the gila-blog and gila-mag themes, via the search parameter, a related issue to CVE-2019-9647.
N/A2019-10-12CVE-2019-17534cve vips_foreign_load_gif_scan_image in foreign/gifload.c in libvips before 8.8.2 tries to access a color map before a DGifGetImageDesc call, leading to a use-after-free.
N/A2019-10-12CVE-2019-17533cve Mat_VarReadNextInfo4 in mat4.c in MATIO 1.5.17 omits a certain '\0' character, leading to a heap-based buffer over-read in strdup_vprintf when uninitialized memory is ...
N/A2019-10-12CVE-2019-17532cve An issue was discovered on Belkin Wemo Switch 28B WW_2.00.11057.PVT-OWRT-SNS devices. They allow remote attackers to cause a denial of service (persistent rules-processing outag...
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