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6.82019-03-11CVE-2019-9675cve ** DISPUTED ** An issue was discovered in PHP 7.x before 7.1.27 and 7.3.x before 7.3.3. phar_tar_writeheaders_int in ext/phar/tar.c has a buffer overflow via a long link value. ...
6.42019-03-11CVE-2019-9662cve An issue was discovered in JTBC(PHP) Its cache management module is flawed. An arbitrary file ending in "inc.php" can be deleted via a console/cache/manage.php?type=act...
3.52019-03-11CVE-2019-9661cve Stored XSS exists in YzmCMS 5.2 via the admin/system_manage/user_config_edit.html "value" parameter,
3.52019-03-11CVE-2019-9660cve Stored XSS exists in YzmCMS 5.2 via the admin/category/edit.html "catname" parameter.
52019-03-11CVE-2019-9658cve Checkstyle before 8.18 loads external DTDs by default.
6.82019-03-11CVE-2019-9656cve An issue was discovered in LibOFX 0.9.14. There is a NULL pointer dereference in the function OFXApplication::startElement in the file lib/ofx_sgml.cpp, as demonstrated by ofxdump.
6.82019-03-10CVE-2019-9652cve There is a CSRF in SDCMS V1.7 via an m=admin&c=theme&a=edit request. It allows PHP code injection by providing a filename in the file parameter, and providing file content in th...
7.52019-03-10CVE-2019-9651cve An issue was discovered in SDCMS V1.7. In the \app\admin\controller\themecontroller.php file, the check_bad() function's filtering is not strict, resulting in PHP code exec...
4.32019-03-10CVE-2019-9650cve An XSS issue was discovered in upcoming_events.php in the Upcoming Events plugin before 1.33 for MyBB via a crafted name for an event.
4.32019-03-10CVE-2019-9646cve The Contact Form Email plugin before 1.2.66 for WordPress allows wp-admin/admin.php item XSS, related to in the "custom edition area."
2.12019-03-10GLSA-201903-08Gentoo GNU Wget: Password and metadata leak
4.62019-03-10GLSA-201903-07Gentoo systemd: Multiple vulnerabilities
7.52019-03-10GLSA-201903-06Gentoo rdesktop: Multiple vulnerabilities
1.92019-03-10GLSA-201903-05Gentoo Tar: Denial of Service
7.52019-03-10GLSA-201903-04Gentoo Mozilla Firefox: Multiple vulnerabilities
102019-03-10GLSA-201903-03Gentoo cURL: Multiple vulnerabilities
7.52019-03-10DSA-4405Debian openjpeg2 security update
7.52019-03-10GLSA-201903-02Gentoo Zsh: User-assisted execution of arbitrary code
7.52019-03-10GLSA-201903-01Gentoo Keepalived: Multiple vulnerabilities
N/A2019-03-09DSA-4404Debian chromium security update
Page(s) : 1 ... 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 [13] 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 ...Result(s) : 142697