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7.52015-10-20VU#675052VU-CERT Medicomp MEDCIN Engine contains multiple vulnerabilities
102015-10-20VU#966927VU-CERT HP Client Automation and Radia Client Automation is vulnerable to remote code execution
2.12015-10-20VU#935424VU-CERT Virtual Machine Monitors (VMM) contain a memory deduplication vulnerability
7.22015-10-19VU#842252VU-CERT HP ArcSight Logger contains multiple vulnerabilities
N/A2015-10-16VU#943167VU-CERT Voice over LTE implementations contain multiple vulnerabilities
102015-10-13VU#870744VU-CERT ZyXEL NBG-418N, PMG5318-B20A and P-660HW-T1 routers contain multiple vulnerabilities
9.32015-10-12VU#751328VU-CERT QNAP QTS is vulnerable to a path traversal attack when used with the AFP protocol and OS X
7.52015-09-30VU#693036VU-CERT Datalex airline booking software allowed authorization bypass for arbitrary users
N/A2015-09-24VU#804060VU-CERT Cookies set via HTTP requests may be used to bypass HTTPS and reveal private information
7.52015-09-21VU#374092VU-CERT Web Reference Database (refbase) contains multiple vulnerabilities
7.32015-09-10VU#906576VU-CERT Securifi Almond routers contains multiple vulnerabilities
102015-09-09VU#549807VU-CERT Impero Education Pro classroom management software vulnerable to remote code execution
102015-09-03VU#630872VU-CERT Mediabridge Medialink Wireless-N Broadband Router MWN-WAPR300N contains multiple vulnerabilities
6.82015-09-03VU#845332VU-CERT OrientDB and Studio prior to version 2.1.1 contain multiple vulnerabilities
102015-09-01VU#903500VU-CERT Seagate and LaCie wireless storage products contain multiple vulnerabilities
102015-08-31VU#201168VU-CERT Belkin N600 DB Wireless Dual Band N+ router contains multiple vulnerabilities
N/A2015-08-31VU#361684VU-CERT Router devices do not implement sufficient UPnP authentication and security
7.82015-08-31VU#525276VU-CERT Philippine Long Distance Telephone SpeedSurf 504AN and Kasda KW58293 contain multiple vulnerabilities
9.32015-08-25VU#950576VU-CERT DSL routers contain hard-coded "XXXXairocon" credentials
N/A2015-08-20VU#276148VU-CERT Dedicated Micros DVR products use plaintext protocols and require no password by default
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