iWar Unix based Wardialer 0.08 CVS version available

iWar is a "war dialer" written completely in C for Unix types of operating systems (Linux, FreeBSD, OpenBSD, etc). It is intended for legal phone security equipment auditing.

Information from 0.08 latest "beta" code of iWar

— Note from developers.

Version 0.08 development code (ie - buggy) is online via CVS

To check out the latest development code, do the following:

$ CVSROOT=:pserver:anonymous@cvs.telephreak.org:/root; export CVSROOT
$ cvs login

(When prompted for a password, simply hit enter)

Once logged in, to check out the 0.08 dev. tree, type:

$ cvs -z9 co -A iwar # -z9 is optional (for compression)

Keep in mind, this is development code and will change. If you’re interested in testing the 0.08 branch, I highly suggest you join the iWar mailing list. It is a low volumn list and where information about iWar updates are posted.

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