OSWA-Assistant v0.9.0.6h released

The OSWA™-Assistant is a no-Operating-System-required standalone toolkit which is solely focused on wireless auditing. As a result, in addition to the usual WiFi (802.11) auditing tools, it also covers Bluetooth and RFID auditing. Using the toolkit is as easy as popping it into your computer’s CDROM and making your computer boot from it!

This is a maintenance release with more Ralink cards supported (due
to changes in vendor IDs reported by certified OSWAs & various other
people) and upgraded tool versions.

GIF - 10.1 kb

More importantly, there is an expanded network-setup/script menu
section that allows you to do operational stuff easier, e.g. changing
your atheros card headers from Prism2 to Radiotap, etc.

You can download the free LiveCD iso image at http://oswa-
(and LiveUSB creation information
is also available from the download page)

Update Submitted by Julian Ho (ThinkSecure Co-founder)

Post scriptum


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