New version of OSWA-Assistant out at DEFCON2009

The OSWAâ„¢-Assistant is a self-contained, freely downloadable, wireless-auditing toolkit for both IT-security professionals and End-users alike

The version no. is and it has many updates/new WiFi,
Bluetooth and RFID tools added to what was there before.

The general public can download the release at http://oswa- starting from 2359hrs on 5 Aug 2009.
(as we’re giving WoS a 72hr exclusive lead)

Some examples of new stuff added into what was already there include:

  • Freeradius Pwnage Edition (for WPA/WPA2 attacks)
  • Metasploit Framework
  • Pyrawcovert
  • Rcovert
  • Ska
  • SSLstrip
  • Zulu
  • Bluemaho Suite (lite)
  • Bluesquirrel Suite
  • RFIDiot

Special Message for DEFCON Attendees : about 100 CDs will be handed out by Cedoxx and the Wall of Sheep team there.

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