AiroScript Wep Cracking Utility V.1.8.2 Beta 1

Airoscript is a shell script designed to ease the use of aircrack-ng. It allows you to: scan, select and attack any detected access point. This is done by detecting encryption type and proposing attacks accordingly.

Various attacks are available, such as: chopchop, fragmentation attack, fakeauth, deauth, dictionnary attacks and WPA cracking.

In five automatic steps you can now use aireplay-ng and companions without the pain of entering MAC addresses manually.

  • First step is detection of targets.
  • In the second step you choose desired target and client.
  • Step three launches the appropriate attack according to your environment.
  • Step four tries to find WEP key using aircrack-ng.
  • And step five configures your network interface to allow you to connect to target once WEP key has been found.

aircrack-ng version 0.6.2

[Security-Database Review] : One of the best script ever. This made Wireless Assessment faster and easier.
In the other hand, kiddies could now target Wireless networks without knowing the basic concepts of Wi-Fi systems. A new feature has been added to automatize the whole process. From scanning the targets until launching and monitoring the attack. Wep is revealed with just a click.
This is really a WiFi Gun.

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