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82016-04-07VU#615456VU-CERT Lemur Vehicle Monitors BlueDriver LSB2 does not authenticate users for Bluetooth access
102016-03-30VU#344432VU-CERT Patterson Dental Eaglesoft uses a hard-coded database password across installations
7.82016-03-28VU#732760VU-CERT Autodesk Backburner Manager contains a stack-based buffer overflow vulnerability
N/A2016-03-25VU#319816VU-CERT npm fails to restrict the actions of malicious npm packages
5.52016-03-24VU#279472VU-CERT Granite Data Services AMF framework fails to properly parse XML input containing a reference to external entities
102016-03-17VU#897144VU-CERT Solarwinds Dameware Remote Mini Controller Windows service is vulnerable to stack buffer overflow
42016-03-11VU#713312VU-CERT DTE Energy Insight app vulnerable to information exposure
7.62016-03-10VU#270232VU-CERT Quagga bgpd with BGP peers enabled for VPNv4 contains a buffer overflow vulnerability
4.32016-03-01VU#583776VU-CERT Network traffic encrypted using RSA-based SSL certificates over SSLv2 may be decrypted by the DROWN attack
N/A2016-02-29VU#938151VU-CERT Forwarding Loop Attacks in Content Delivery Networks may result in denial of service
N/A2016-02-29VU#419128VU-CERT IKE/IKEv2 protocol implementations may allow network amplification attacks
92016-02-25VU#444472VU-CERT QNAP Signage Station and iArtist Lite contain multiple vulnerabilities
N/A2016-02-24VU#981271VU-CERT Multiple wireless keyboard/mouse devices use an unsafe proprietary wireless protocol
102016-02-22VU#485744VU-CERT Flexera Software FlexNet Publisher lmgrd contains a buffer overflow vulnerability
6.82016-02-17VU#457759VU-CERT glibc vulnerable to stack buffer overflow in DNS resolver
102016-02-17VU#899080VU-CERT Zhuhai Raysharp firmware for DVRs from multiple vendors contains hard-coded credentials
102016-02-17VU#923388VU-CERT Swann SRNVW-470 allows unauthorized access to video stream and contains a hard-coded password
2.92016-02-16VU#507216VU-CERT Hirschmann "Classic Platform" switches reveal administrator password in SNMP community string by default
102016-02-11VU#327976VU-CERT Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance (ASA) IKEv1 and IKEv2 contains a buffer overflow vulnerability
N/A2016-02-04VU#305096VU-CERT Comodo Chromodo browser with Ad Sanitizer does not enforce same origin policy and is based on an outdated version of Chromium
Page(s) : 1 2 3 4 5 6 [7] 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 ...Result(s) : 1176