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N/A2015-08-31VU#361684VU-CERT Router devices do not implement sufficient UPnP authentication and security
7.82015-08-31VU#525276VU-CERT Philippine Long Distance Telephone SpeedSurf 504AN and Kasda KW58293 contain multiple vulnerabilities
9.32015-08-25VU#950576VU-CERT DSL routers contain hard-coded "XXXXairocon" credentials
N/A2015-08-20VU#276148VU-CERT Dedicated Micros DVR products use plaintext protocols and require no password by default
5.52015-08-18VU#248692VU-CERT Trend Micro Deep Discovery threat appliance contains multiple vulnerabilities
N/A2015-08-17VU#300820VU-CERT Cisco Prime Infrastructure contains SUID root binaries
8.32015-08-11VU#335192VU-CERT Actiontec GT784WN Wireless N DSL Modem contains multiple vulnerabilities
92015-08-11VU#209512VU-CERT Mobile Devices C4 ODB2 dongle contains multiple vulnerabilities
102015-08-07VU#628568VU-CERT Sierra Wireless GX, ES, and LS gateways running ALEOS contain hard-coded credentials
7.52015-07-31VU#360431VU-CERT Chiyu Technology fingerprint access control contains multiple vulnerabilities
7.22015-07-30VU#577140VU-CERT BIOS implementations fail to properly set UEFI write protections after waking from sleep mode
102015-07-28VU#924951VU-CERT Android Stagefright contains multiple vulnerabilities
6.82015-07-24VU#857948VU-CERT Honeywell Tuxedo Touch Controller contains multiple vulnerabilities
N/A2015-07-24VU#819439VU-CERT Fiat Chrysler Automobiles UConnect allows a vehicle to be remotely controlled
52015-07-20VU#813631VU-CERT Total Commander File Info plugin vulnerable to denial of service via an out-of-bounds read
42015-07-20VU#912036VU-CERT N-Able RSMWinService contains hard coded security constants allowing decryption of domain administrator password
4.32015-07-13VU#919604VU-CERT Kaseya Virtual System Administrator contains multiple vulnerabilities
102015-07-12VU#918568VU-CERT Adobe Flash ActionScript 3 BitmapData memory corruption vulnerability
102015-07-11VU#338736VU-CERT Adobe Flash ActionScript 3 opaqueBackground use-after-free vulnerability
9.32015-07-08VU#103336VU-CERT Windows Adobe Type Manager privilege escalation vulnerability
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