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N/A2016-02-11VU#327976VU-CERT Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance (ASA) IKEv1 and IKEv2 contains a buffer overflow vulnerability
N/A2016-02-04VU#305096VU-CERT Comodo Chromodo browser with Ad Sanitizer does not enforce same origin policy and is based on an outdated version of Chromium
N/A2016-02-03VU#777024VU-CERT Netgear Management System NMS300 contains arbitrary file upload and path traversal vulnerabilities
N/A2016-02-02VU#719736VU-CERT Fisher-Price Smart Toy platform allows some unauthenticated web API commands
N/A2016-02-02VU#544527VU-CERT OpenELEC and RasPlex have a hard-coded SSH root password
N/A2016-02-01VU#972224VU-CERT Huawei Mobile WiFi E5151 and E5186 routers use insufficiently random values for DNS queries
N/A2016-01-28VU#257823VU-CERT OpenSSL re-uses unsafe prime numbers in Diffie-Hellman protocol
102016-01-21VU#992624VU-CERT Harman AMX multimedia devices contain hard-coded credentials
4.32016-01-20VU#772447VU-CERT ffmpeg and Libav cross-domain information disclosure vulnerability
N/A2016-01-20VU#916896VU-CERT Oracle Outside In 8.5.2 contains multiple stack buffer overflows
6.52016-01-14VU#456088VU-CERT OpenSSH Client contains a client information leak vulnerability and buffer overflow
7.82016-01-12VU#913000VU-CERT Samsung SRN-1670D camera contains multiple vulnerabilities
7.52016-01-07VU#753264VU-CERT IPSwitch WhatsUp Gold does not validate commands when deserializing XML objects
N/A2016-01-05VU#418072VU-CERT Comcast XFINITY Home Security fails to properly handle wireless communications disruption
N/A2016-01-04VU#820196VU-CERT Furuno Voyage Data Recorder (VDR) moduleserv firmware update utility fails to properly sanitize user-provided input
102015-12-21VU#640184VU-CERT Juniper ScreenOS contains multiple vulnerabilities
7.52015-12-18VU#757840VU-CERT Dovestones Software AD Self Password Reset fails to properly restrict password reset request to authorized users
6.52015-12-16VU#176160VU-CERT IPswitch WhatsUp Gold contains multiple XSS vulnerabilities and a SQLi
9.32015-12-10VU#763576VU-CERT Amped Wireless R10000 router contains multiple vulnerabilities
102015-12-10VU#167992VU-CERT ReadyNet WRT300N-DD Wireless Router contains multiple vulnerabilities
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