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6.82019-04-17cisco-sa-201904...Cisco Cisco Wireless LAN Controller Software Cross-Site Request Forgery Vulnerability
7.22019-04-17cisco-sa-201904...Cisco Cisco Aironet Series Access Points Development Shell Access Vulnerability
6.82019-04-17cisco-sa-201904...Cisco Cisco Expressway Series and Cisco TelePresence Video Communication Server Denial of Service Vulnerability
6.12019-04-17cisco-sa-201904...Cisco Cisco Wireless LAN Controller Software IAPP Message Handling Denial of Service Vulnerabilities
3.62019-04-17cisco-sa-201904...Cisco Cisco Directory Connector Search Order Hijacking Vulnerability
7.82019-03-13cisco-sa-201903...Cisco Cisco Small Business SPA514G IP Phones SIP Denial of Service Vulnerability
102019-03-13cisco-sa-201903...Cisco Cisco Common Services Platform Collector Static Credential Vulnerability
9.32019-02-15cisco-sa-201902...Cisco Container Privilege Escalation Vulnerability Affecting Cisco Products: February 2019
5.62019-02-12cisco-sa-201902...Cisco Cisco Network Assurance Engine CLI Access with Default Password Vulnerability
9.32019-01-23cisco-sa-201901...Cisco Cisco Webex Network Recording Player Arbitrary Code Execution Vulnerabilities
52019-01-23cisco-sa-201901...Cisco Cisco Firepower Threat Defense Software Packet Inspection and Enforcement Bypass Vulnerability
5.52018-12-19cisco-sa-201812...Cisco Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance Software Privilege Escalation Vulnerability
7.52018-11-28cisco-sa-201811...Cisco Cisco Prime License Manager SQL Injection Vulnerability
7.52018-11-07cisco-sa-201811...Cisco Apache Struts Commons FileUpload Library Remote Code Execution Vulnerability Affecting Cisco Products: November 2018
7.22018-11-07cisco-sa-201811...Cisco Cisco TelePresence Video Communication Server Test Validation Script Issue
5.82018-11-01cisco-sa-201811...Cisco Texas Instruments Bluetooth Low Energy Denial of Service and Remote Code Execution Vulnerability
7.82018-10-31cisco-sa-201810...Cisco Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance Software and Cisco Firepower Threat Defense Software Denial of Service Vulnerability
7.22018-10-24cisco-sa-201810...Cisco Cisco Webex Meetings Desktop App Update Service Command Injection Vulnerability
6.42018-10-19cisco-sa-201810...Cisco libssh Authentication Bypass Vulnerability Affecting Cisco Products: October 2018
52018-10-03cisco-sa-201810...Cisco Cisco Firepower System Software Detection Engine Denial of Service Vulnerability
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