[Updated] lm2ntcrack v1.0 instant hash cracker released

lm2ntcrack provides a simple way to crack instantly Microsoft Windows NT Hash (MD4) when the LM Password is known. This sofware is entirely written in Perl, so it’s easily ported and installed on many boxes.

lm2ntcrack is a Free and Open Source software graciously provided by the french company XMCO Partners (also known by the greatest and advanced security magazine ActuSecu. Unfortunately, it is in french. I’ve tried hard to convince Fred Charpentier (a good friend from the old days) to translate it to english. But hey, who would listen ??)


The tool has just being ported to work under Win32 env. And in a recent discussion with Yannick, he pointed me to an integrated metasploit script reworked by HDMoore and based on lm2ntcrack original idea.
Now you have choice. Either use Yannick’s perl version or invoke the metasploit script method.


Tool submitted by Yannick Hamon (the author himself) from XMCO Partners

lm2ntcrack has been added to Security Database Tools Watch Process.

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