Shavlik NetChk Analyzer 6.0 out

From the creators of Microsoft’s MBSA comes the Shavlik NetChk Analyzer, a commandline patch scanner and scripting tool that simplifies network security by enabling administrators to quickly scan their networks and determine the status of missing and installed patches. Shavlik NetChk Analyzer offers a comprehensive upgrade to the patch management capabilities of MBSA, which is used to secure millions of computers each week.

Shavlik NetChk Analyzer offers support for today’s most widely used platforms including Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000, Windows XP, and Windows Server 2003. Additionally Shavlik NetChk Analyzer scans popular Microsoft and non-Microsoft applications including Microsoft Office, SQL Server, Exchange Server, Adobe Reader, Firefox, Real Player, WinZip and many others.

Why Choose Shavlik NetChkâ„¢ Analyzer:

  • Fully featured commandline and scripting application
  • Non-invasive / agentless scanning (MBSA 2.0 requires a WSUS agent on every scanned computer)
  • Support for many non-Microsoft applications
  • Flexible reporting output including XML, CSV, and TSV
  • Supports environments up to 50,000 devices
  • Fast, multi-threaded scan engine – up to 256 scan threads active at one time
  • Full MBSA 1.2.1 compatibility, with 8 times faster scanning performance
  • Uses significantly less network bandwidth than MBSA 1.2.1
  • An excellent choice as an upgrade to MBSACLI 1.2.1


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