SharK 3.1 released

sharK is an advanced reverse connecting, firewall bypassing remote administration tool written in VB6. With sharK you will be able to administrate every PC (using Windows OS) remotely.


  • Server-Summary had a mistake
  • Client now uses Double-Variable Type for calculating Idletime
  • Statistics Window not resizeable anymore
  • Server-Auth-Window had an old sharK icon
  • DOS Shell will be started automatically (when auto-refresh is activated)
  • ADS is no longer set as default install folder since the installation routine needs more time
  • RegExport & Plugin Installation working with Createprocess instead of shell() -> Faster!
  • Plugin Uninstalling is way faster
  • Faster File/Registry Listing
  • Fixed some typos
  • sharK Autosizes Columnheaders
  • Regstartup-Resetting is more aggressive
  • Server did not reconnect some times when disconnecting from the internet
  • Some little changes
  • sharK offline keylogger not noticeable anymore by lagging keyboards
  • Added few idiotchecks (e.g. Servername Restriction)
  • Faster GUI
  • Renamed "Autostart Manager" -> "Startup Manager" and moved to "SYSTEM" menu
  • Confirmation box before client exit
  • Tr Queue has Minimize Button
  • Better Ping Handling

* [Update - 21 july 2008 ]Sad News from the authors of SharK

The SharK project development has ceased for some "reasons" we dont know. All in all, it was a good promising RAT software. It had a place into the 2008 Best Tools Survey.
If you have any information about what’s really happened, please feel free to contact us.

Post scriptum

  • !! Project Ceased !!!

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