Jasager - Wifi MitM Tool (faking Access Point)

Jasager is an implementation of Karma designed to run on OpenWrt on the Fon. It will probably run on most APs with Atheros wifi cards but it was designed with the Fon in mind as it is a nice small AP which gives it a lot of scope for use in penetration tests and other related fun.

 A quick highlight of features:

  • Web interface showing currently connected clients with their MAC address, IP address (if assigned) and the SSID they associated with
  • The web interface allows control of all Karma features and can either run fully featured through AJAX enabled browsers or just as well through lynx
  • Auto-run scripts on both association and IP assignment
  • Full logging for later review
  • Pluggable module system for easy extensibility
  • Basic command line interface so you don’t have to remember the different iwpriv commands
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 Here are some of the good uses:

  • In your office - Set it up to capture laptops before the bad guys do. Use a website to remind them of the rules.
  • On penetration tests - Lure in target clients to find a back door into networks
  • At home - Have fun with neighbours who try to steal your wifi bandwidth
  • The web interface.
  • The auto-run scripts.
  • The command line interface.

More Information: DigiNinja - Jasager

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