Definition Id: oval:org.mitre.oval:def:29229
Oval ID: oval:org.mitre.oval:def:29229
Title: HP-UX OpenSSL Vulnerability (PKCS7 crash with missing EnvelopedContent)
Description: The PKCS7_dataDecodefunction in crypto/pkcs7/pk7_doit.c in OpenSSL before 0.9.8zg, 1.0.0 before 1.0.0s, 1.0.1 before 1.0.1n, and 1.0.2 before 1.0.2b allows remote attackers to cause a denial of service (NULL pointer dereference and application crash) via a PKCS#7 blob that uses ASN.1 encoding and lacks inner EncryptedContent data.
Family: unix Class: vulnerability
Reference(s): CVE-2015-1790
Version: 1
Platform(s): HP-UX 11
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