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2.12010-04-12SUN-242386Sun Sun Alert 242386 This Alert covers CVE-2010-0890 for the kernel component of the Solaris and OpenSolaris products.
3.62010-04-12SUN-276533Sun Sun Alert 276533 This Alert covers CVE-2010-0895 for the IP Filter component of the OpenSolaris product.
2.12010-04-12SUN-276130Sun Sun Alert 276130 This Alert covers CVE-2010-0883 and CVE-2010-0884 for the Data Service for Oracle E-Business Suite component of the Sun Cluster pr...
2.12010-01-25SUN-200184Sun Sun Alert 200184 Sparse Files Written to Shared Sun StorEdge QFS or Sun StorEdge SAM-QFS File Systems May Contain Deleted File Content
2.62009-12-16SUN-274110Sun Sun Alert 274110 Security Vulnerability in the Apache 1.3 "mod_perl" Module Component "" May Lead to Unauthorized Acce...
2.62009-11-24SUN-273169Sun Sun Alert 273169 Security Vulnerability in BIND DNS Software Shipped With Solaris May Allow DNS Cache Poisoning
2.12009-11-24SUN-231402Sun Sun Alert 231402 Denial of Service Vulnerabilities in ldap_cachemgr(1M) Daemon
2.12009-11-13SUN-271149Sun Sun Alert 271149 Security Vulnerability in VirtualBox Guest Additions May Lead to Denial of Service against the Virtual Machine
1.92009-10-20SUN-268288Sun Sun Alert 268288 A Regression in the Solaris 10 Gnome-XScreenSaver (see xscreensaver(1)) may Allow Pop-up Windows to Appear through XScreenSaver wh...
1.92009-09-22SUN-249646Sun Sun Alert 249646 A Security Vulnerability in xscreensaver(1) May Display Portions of a Locked Desktop if the Screen is Resized
3.52009-08-14SUN-265488Sun Sun Alert 265488 A Security Vulnerability in Sun Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) Software 3.0 may Lead to Inadvertent use of an Insecure LDAP ...
2.12009-08-05SUN-256668Sun Sun Alert 256668 A Security Vulnerability in Sun Java System Access Manager May Disclose Confidential Information
2.12009-07-15SUN-252226Sun Sun Alert 252226 A Security Vulnerability in Sun Ray Server Software may Allow Unauthorized Manipulation of Sessions
2.12009-07-02SUN-261408Sun Sun Alert 261408 Security Vulnerability in Lightweight Availability Collection Tool May Allow Unprivileged User to Overwrite Files
2.62009-06-29SUN-256568Sun Sun Alert 256568 Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) Security Vulnerability in the Sun Java System Access Manager Cross-Domain Controller (CDC)
2.62009-06-25SUN-262468Sun Sun Alert 262468 Security Vulnerability in the Apache 1.3 "mod_jk" Module may Lead to Unauthorized Access to Data
2.12009-06-10SUN-257548Sun Sun Alert 257548 A Security Vulnerability in OpenSolaris smbfs(7FS) may Expose Data to Unauthorized Users
1.92009-06-05SUN-260508Sun Sun Alert 260508 A Security Vulnerability in idmap(1M) of OpenSolaris may Allow a Denial of the CIFS (Common Internet File System) Service (DoS)
2.12009-04-07SUN-255308Sun Sun Alert 255308 A Security Vulnerability May Allow Popup Windows to Appear Through the Solaris XScreenSaver Program
2.12008-12-11SUN-244866Sun Sun Alert 244866 A Security Vulnerability in the Management of Solaris Kerberos (see kerberos(5)) may Lead to a User Denial of Service (DoS) Attack
Page(s) : [1] 2Result(s) : 29