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4.72009-07-23SUN-264428Sun Sun Alert 264428 Security Vulnerability in Solaris Auditing Related to Extended File Attributes May Allow Local Unprivileged Users to Panic the System
N/A2009-07-17SUN-264048Sun Sun Alert 264048 Security Vulnerability in the Solaris XScreenSaver (xscreensaver(1)) Program May Allow Unauthorized Access to Sensitive Information
4.42009-07-15SUN-253889Sun Sun Alert 253889 Two Security Vulnerabilities in Sun Ray Server Software 4.0 on Systems with Trusted Extensions Enabled May Allow either a Denial o...
2.12009-07-15SUN-252226Sun Sun Alert 252226 A Security Vulnerability in Sun Ray Server Software may Allow Unauthorized Manipulation of Sessions
7.82009-07-15SUN-253608Sun Sun Alert 253608 A Security Vulnerability in the Solaris SCTP Packet Processing may Lead to a System Panic Resulting in a Denial of Service (DoS)
4.92009-07-15SUN-262788Sun Sun Alert 262788 Security Vulnerability in Solaris NFSv4 Kernel Module May Panic an NFSv4 Client System
7.82009-07-15SUN-260951Sun Sun Alert 260951 A Security Vulnerability in the Solaris IP Filter (ipf(5)) May Lead to a Denial of Service (DoS) Condition
N/A2009-07-14SUN-466161Sun US-CERT Vulnerability Note VU#466161 - XML signature HMAC truncation authentication bypass
5.42009-07-13SUN-257329Sun Sun Alert 257329 A Security Vulnerability in Certain System Board Firmware Revisions of Sun Fire V215 Servers with XVR-100 Graphic Cards may Allow ...
52009-07-09SUN-263529Sun Sun Alert 263529 Security Vulnerabilities in Solaris Bundled Tomcat May Lead to Unauthorized Access to Data or Denial of Service (DoS)
4.92009-07-06SUN-258888Sun Sun Alert 258888 A Security Vulnerability Involving the OpenSolaris Process File System (proc(4)) May Allow an Unprivileged Local User to Panic the...
2.12009-07-02SUN-261408Sun Sun Alert 261408 Security Vulnerability in Lightweight Availability Collection Tool May Allow Unprivileged User to Overwrite Files
52009-07-01SUN-262908Sun Sun Alert 262908 Security Vulnerability in the SNMP daemon (snmpd(1M)) May Lead to a Denial of Service (DoS) Condition
7.12009-06-30SUN-262048Sun Sun Alert 262048 A patch regression in Solaris Kernel udp(7p) may Cause Certain Trusted Configurations of Solaris to Panic or Become Vulnerable to ...
102009-06-30SUN-262668Sun Sun Alert 262668 Security Vulnerability in the Solaris Network File System Version 4 (NFSv4) 'nfs_portmon' Tunable May Allow Unauthorized...
2.62009-06-29SUN-256568Sun Sun Alert 256568 Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) Security Vulnerability in the Sun Java System Access Manager Cross-Domain Controller (CDC)
4.32009-06-26SUN-262428Sun Sun Alert 262428 Cross-site Scripting (XSS) Security Vulnerability in Sun Java Web Console May Allow Execution of Arbitrary Code
4.62009-06-25SUN-262088Sun Sun Alert 262088 Security Vulnerability in the Solaris auditconfig(3M) Command May Allow Users With an Associated RBAC Profile to Gain Elevated Pri...
2.62009-06-25SUN-262468Sun Sun Alert 262468 Security Vulnerability in the Apache 1.3 "mod_jk" Module may Lead to Unauthorized Access to Data
4.62009-06-25SUN-262708Sun Sun Alert 262708 Security Vulnerability in the Virtual Network Terminal Server Daemon (vntsd(1M)) for Logical Domains (LDoms) May Allow Unauthorize...
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