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7.52017-12-19CVE-2017-17777cve Paid To Read Script 2.0.5 has authentication bypass in the admin panel via a direct request, as demonstrated by the admin/viewvisitcamp.php fn parameter and the admin/userview.p...
7.62017-12-19CVE-2017-17763cve SuperBeam through 4.1.3, when using the LAN or WiFi Direct Share feature, does not use HTTPS or any integrity-protection mechanism for file transfer, which makes it easier for r...
7.22017-12-19VMSA-2017-0021VMware - VMware ESXi, vCenter Server Appliance, Workstation & Fusion updates address multiple security vulnerabilities
7.52017-12-18CVE-2017-16949cve allowedExtensions[]=php request to /wp-admin/admin-ajax.php that results in a .php file upload and resultant PHP code execution.
7.52017-12-18CVE-2017-15875cve SQL injection vulnerability in Password Recovery in GPWeb 8.4.61 allows remote attackers to execute arbitrary SQL commands via the "checkemail" parameter.
7.52017-12-18CVE-2017-17721cve CWEBNET/WOSummary/List in ZUUSE BEIMS ContractorWeb .NET allows SQL injection via the tradestatus, assetno, assignto, building, domain, jobtype, site, trade, woType, wo...
7.52017-12-18USN-3382-2Ubuntu PHP vulnerabilities
7.52017-12-18CVE-2017-17651cve Paid To Read Script 2.0.5 has SQL Injection via the admin/userview.php uid parameter, the admin/viewemcamp.php fnum parameter, or the admin/viewvisitcamp.php fn parameter.
7.52017-12-18CVE-2017-17645cve Bus Booking Script 1.0 has SQL Injection via the txtname parameter to admin/index.php.
7.52017-12-18CVE-2017-17643cve FS Lynda Clone 1.0 has SQL Injection via the keywords parameter to tutorial/.
7.52017-12-18CVE-2017-17739cve The BrightSign Digital Signage (4k242) device (Firmware 6.2.63 and below) has directory traversal via the /storage.html rp parameter, allowing an attacker to read or write to fi...
7.52017-12-18CVE-2017-17733cve Maccms 8.x allows remote command execution via the wd parameter in an index.php?m=vod-search request.
7.52017-12-18CVE-2017-17731cve DedeCMS through 5.7 has SQL Injection via the $_FILES superglobal to plus/recommend.php.
7.52017-12-18CVE-2017-17730cve DedeCMS through 5.7 has SQL Injection via the logo parameter to plus/flink_add.php.
7.52017-12-17DSA-4068Debian rsync security update
7.82017-12-17DSA-4067Debian openafs security update
7.52017-12-16CVE-2017-17713cve Trape before 2017-11-05 has SQL injection via the /nr red parameter, the /nr vId parameter, the /register User-Agent HTTP header, the /register country parameter, the /register ...
7.22017-12-15CVE-2017-3196cve PCAUSA Rawether framework does not properly validate BPF data, allowing a crafted malicious BPF program to perform operations on memory outside of its typical bounds on the driv...
8.32017-12-15CVE-2017-3193cve Multiple D-Link devices including the DIR-850L firmware versions 1.14B07 and 2.07.B05 contain a stack-based buffer overflow vulnerability in the web administration interface HNA...
7.62017-12-15CVE-2017-14091cve A vulnerability in Trend Micro ScanMail for Exchange 12.0 exists in which certain specific installations that utilize a uncommon feature - Other Update Sources - could be exploi...
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