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102015-04-14CVE-2014-9488cve The is_utf8_well_formed function in GNU less before 475 allows remote attackers to have unspecified impact via malformed UTF-8 characters, which triggers an out-of-bounds read.
9.32015-04-14MS15-033Microsoft Vulnerabilities in Microsoft Office Could Allow Remote Code Execution (3048019)
9.32015-04-14MS15-032Microsoft Cumulative Security Update for Internet Explorer (3038314)
102015-04-14MS15-034Microsoft Vulnerability in HTTP.sys Could Allow Remote Code Execution (3042553)
9.32015-04-14MS15-035Microsoft Vulnerability in Microsoft Graphics Component Could Allow Remote Code Execution (3046306)
9.32015-04-13CVE-2015-2846cve BitTorrent Sync allows remote attackers to execute arbitrary commands via a crafted btsync: link.
102015-04-11DSA-3220Debian libtasn1-3 security update
102015-04-11DSA-3219Debian libdbd-firebird-perl security update
102015-04-10CVE-2015-2806cve Stack-based buffer overflow in asn1_der_decoding in libtasn1 before 4.4 allows remote attackers to have unspecified impact via unknown vectors.
102015-04-10CVE-2015-1842cve The puppet manifests in the Red Hat openstack-puppet-modules package before 2014.2.13-2 uses a default password of CHANGEME for the pcsd daemon, which allows remote attackers to...
102015-04-10CVE-2015-1132cve fontd in Apple Type Services (ATS) in Apple OS X before 10.10.3 allows local users to gain privileges via unspecified vectors, a different vulnerability than CVE-2015-1131, CVE-...
102015-04-10MDVSA-2015:199Mandriva Updated less package fixes security vulnerability: Malformed UTF-8 data could have caused an out of bounds read in the UTF-8 decoding routines, causing an invalid read access...
102015-04-09MDVSA-2015:198Mandriva Multiple vulnerabilities has been discovered and corrected in java-1.8.0-openjdk: Multiple flaws were found in the way the Hotspot component in OpenJDK verified bytecode from...
92015-04-09RHSA-2015:0794RedHat krb5 security update
102015-04-08USN-2563-1Ubuntu Linux kernel vulnerabilities
102015-04-08USN-2562-1Ubuntu Linux kernel (Trusty HWE) vulnerabilities
102015-04-08USN-2559-1Ubuntu Libtasn1 vulnerability
92015-04-07CVE-2015-2828cve CA Spectrum 9.2.x and 9.3.x before 9.3 H02 does not properly validate serialized Java objects, which allows remote authenticated users to obtain administrative privileges via cr...
102015-04-07RHSA-2015:0789RedHat openstack-packstack and openstack-puppet-modules security and bug fix update
102015-04-07RHSA-2015:0791RedHat Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform Installer update
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