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52018-01-07GLSA-201801-04Gentoo LibXcursor: User-assisted execution of arbitrary code
6.82018-01-07GLSA-201801-02Gentoo OptiPNG: Multiple vulnerabilities
6.82018-01-07GLSA-201801-01Gentoo Binutils: Multiple vulnerabilities
6.82018-01-07DSA-4079Debian poppler security update
6.82018-01-05CVE-2018-5253cve The AP4_FtypAtom class in Core/Ap4FtypAtom.cpp in Bento4 has an Infinite loop via a crafted MP4 file that triggers size mishandling.
4.32018-01-05CVE-2018-5251cve In libming 0.4.8, there is an integer signedness error vulnerability (left shift of a negative value) in the readSBits function (util/read.c). Remote attackers can leverage this...
4.32018-01-05CVE-2018-5249cve Cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerability in Shaarli before 0.8.5 and 0.9.x before 0.9.3 allows remote attackers to inject arbitrary code via the login form's username field...
6.82018-01-05CVE-2018-5248cve In ImageMagick 7.0.7-17 Q16, there is a heap-based buffer over-read in coders/sixel.c in the ReadSIXELImage function, related to the sixel_decode function.
4.32018-01-05CVE-2018-5247cve In ImageMagick 7.0.7-17 Q16, there are memory leaks in ReadRLAImage in coders/rla.c.
4.32018-01-05CVE-2018-5246cve In ImageMagick 7.0.7-17 Q16, there are memory leaks in ReadPATTERNImage in coders/pattern.c.
4.32018-01-05CVE-2017-18022cve In ImageMagick 7.0.7-12 Q16, there are memory leaks in MontageImageCommand in MagickWand/montage.c.
52018-01-05CVE-2017-18021cve It was discovered that QtPass before 1.2.1, when using the built-in password generator, generates possibly predictable and enumerable passwords. This only applies to the QtPass ...
4.72018-01-05USN-3516-1Ubuntu Firefox vulnerabilities
4.92018-01-05CVE-2018-5244cve In Xen 4.10, new infrastructure was introduced as part of an overhaul to how MSR emulation happens for guests. Unfortunately, one tracking structure isn't freed when a vcpu...
42018-01-05CVE-2014-8540cve The groups API in GitLab 6.x and 7.x before 7.4.3 allows remote authenticated guest users to modify ownership of arbitrary groups by leveraging improper permission checks.
42018-01-05CVE-2014-8336cve The "Sql Run Query" panel in WP-DBManager (aka Database Manager) plugin before 2.7.2 for WordPress allows remote attackers to read arbitrary files by leveraging failure to suffi...
52018-01-05CVE-2017-16753cve An Improper Input Validation issue was discovered in Advantech WebAccess versions prior to 8.3. WebAccess allows some inputs that may cause the program to crash.
52018-01-05CVE-2017-16728cve An Untrusted Pointer Dereference issue was discovered in Advantech WebAccess versions prior to 8.3. There are multiple vulnerabilities that may allow an attacker to cause the pr...
52018-01-05CVE-2017-16720cve A Path Traversal issue was discovered in WebAccess versions prior to 8.3. An attacker has access to files within the directory structure of the target device.
6.12018-01-04CVE-2018-5220cve In K7 Antivirus 15.1.0306, the driver file (K7Sentry.sys) allows local users to cause a denial of service (BSOD) or possibly have unspecified other impact because of not validat...
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