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7.52017-05-18CVE-2017-9053cve An issue, also known as DW201703-005, was discovered in libdwarf 2017-03-21. A heap-based buffer over-read in _dwarf_read_loc_expr_op() is due to a failure to check a pointer fo...
7.52017-05-18CVE-2017-9052cve An issue, also known as DW201703-006, was discovered in libdwarf 2017-03-21. A heap-based buffer over-read in dwarf_formsdata() is due to a failure to check a pointer for being ...
7.52017-05-18CVE-2017-9051cve libav before 12.1 is vulnerable to an invalid read of size 1 due to NULL pointer dereferencing in the nsv_read_chunk function in libavformat/nsvdec.c.
7.52017-05-18CVE-2017-6195cve Ipswitch MOVEit Transfer (formerly DMZ) allows pre-authentication blind SQL injection. The fixed versions are MOVEit Transfer 2017, MOVEit DMZ, and MOVEit DMZ...
7.52017-05-18GLSA-201705-10Gentoo GStreamer plug-ins: User-assisted execution of arbitrary code
7.82017-05-18GLSA-201705-09Gentoo Apache Tomcat: Multiple vulnerabilities
7.52017-05-17CVE-2017-9031cve The WebUI component in Deluge before 1.3.15 contains a directory traversal vulnerability involving a request in which the name of the render file is not associated with any temp...
7.22017-05-17CVE-2017-8849cve smb4k before 2.0.1 allows local users to gain root privileges by leveraging failure to verify arguments to the mount helper DBUS service.
7.52017-05-17CVE-2017-5215cve The Codextrous B2J Contact (aka b2j_contact) extension before 2.1.13 for Joomla! allows a rename attack that bypasses a "safe file extension" protection mechanism, leading to re...
7.22017-05-17USN-3291-3Ubuntu Linux kernel (Xenial HWE) vulnerabilities
7.22017-05-17USN-3291-2Ubuntu Linux kernel vulnerabilities
7.22017-05-17USN-3294-1Ubuntu Bash vulnerabilities
7.22017-05-17cisco-sa-201705...Cisco Cisco Policy Suite Privilege Escalation Vulnerability
7.52017-05-17CVE-2017-9026cve Stack buffer overflow in vshttpd (aka ioos) in HooToo Trip Mate 6 (TM6) firmware 2.000.030 and earlier allows remote unauthenticated attackers to control the program counter via...
7.22017-05-17USN-3293-1Ubuntu Linux kernel vulnerabilities
7.22017-05-17USN-3291-1Ubuntu Linux kernel vulnerabilities
7.52017-05-16USN-3282-2Ubuntu FreeType vulnerabilities
7.52017-05-16USN-3278-1Ubuntu Thunderbird vulnerabilities
7.52017-05-16CVE-2017-6886cve An error within the "parse_tiff_ifd()" function (internal/dcraw_common.cpp) in LibRaw versions before 0.18.2 can be exploited to corrupt memory.
8.32017-05-16CVE-2017-3882cve A vulnerability in the Universal Plug-and-Play (UPnP) implementation in the Cisco CVR100W Wireless-N VPN Router could allow an unauthenticated, Layer 2-adjacent attacker to exec...
Page(s) : 1 2 3 [4] 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 ...Result(s) : 26958