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7.52017-06-22DSA-3896Debian apache2 security update
7.52017-06-22CVE-2017-9424cve IdeaBlade Breeze Breeze.Server.NET before 1.6.5 allows remote attackers to execute arbitrary code, related to use of TypeNameHandling in JSON deserialization.
7.22017-06-22DSA-3895Debian flatpak security update
7.22017-06-22CVE-2017-3629cve Vulnerability in the Solaris component of Oracle Sun Systems Products Suite (subcomponent: Kernel). Supported versions that are affected are 10 and 11. Easily exploitable vulner...
7.52017-06-22DSA-3893Debian jython security update
7.52017-06-21CVE-2017-4990cve In EMC Avamar Server Software 7.4.1-58, 7.4.0-242, 7.3.1-125, 7.3.0-233, 7.3.0-226, an unauthorized attacker may leverage the file upload feature of the system maintenance page ...
7.52017-06-21CVE-2017-4989cve In EMC Avamar Server Software 7.3.1-125, 7.3.0-233, 7.3.0-226, 7.2.1-32, 7.2.1-31, 7.2.0-401, an unauthenticated remote attacker may potentially bypass the authentication proces...
8.32017-06-21CVE-2017-3219cve Acronis True Image up to and including version 2017 Build 8053 performs software updates using HTTP. Downloaded updates are only verified using a server-provided MD5 hash.
8.32017-06-21CVE-2017-3218cve Samsung Magician 5.0 fails to validate TLS certificates for HTTPS software update traffic. Prior to version 5.0, Samsung Magician uses HTTP for software updates.
7.52017-06-21CVE-2017-6050cve A SQL Injection issue was discovered in Ecava IntegraXor Versions 5.2.1231.0 and prior. The application fails to properly validate user input, which may allow for an unauthentic...
7.82017-06-21CVE-2017-6043cve A Resource Consumption issue was discovered in Trihedral VTScada Versions prior to 11.2.26. The client does not properly validate the input or limit the amount of resources that...
7.52017-06-21CVE-2016-8731cve Hard-coded FTP credentials (r:r) are included in the Foscam C1 running firmware Knowledge of these credentials would allow remote access to any cameras found on the in...
7.52017-06-21DSA-3890Debian spip security update
7.22017-06-21CVE-2017-9780cve In Flatpak before 0.8.7, a third-party app repository could include malicious apps that contain files with inappropriate permissions, for example setuid or world-writable. The f...
7.22017-06-21USN-3338-1Ubuntu Linux kernel vulnerabilities
7.82017-06-21cisco-sa-201706...Cisco Cisco Virtualized Packet Core–Distributed Instance Denial of Service Vulnerability
7.52017-06-21CVE-2017-2805cve An exploitable stack-based buffer overflow vulnerability exists in the web management interface used by the Foscam C1 Indoor HD Camera. A specially crafted http request can caus...
7.52017-06-21CVE-2017-9771cve install\save.php in WebsiteBaker v2.10.0 allows remote attackers to execute arbitrary PHP code via the database_username parameter.
7.22017-06-20GLSA-201706-19Gentoo GNU C Library: Multiple vulnerabilities
7.52017-06-19CVE-2017-7679cve In Apache httpd 2.2.x before 2.2.33 and 2.4.x before 2.4.26, mod_mime can read one byte past the end of a buffer when sending a malicious Content-Type response header.
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