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N/A2018-04-22CVE-2018-10298cve action=newthread because data/template/1_diy_portal_view.tpl.php does not restrict the content.
N/A2018-04-22CVE-2018-10297cve ac=article URI, related to mishandling of IMG elements associated with remote images.
N/A2018-04-22CVE-2018-10296cve MiniCMS V1.10 has XSS via the mc-admin/post-edit.php title parameter.
N/A2018-04-22CVE-2018-10295cve ChemCMS v1.0.6 has CSRF by using public/admin/user/addpost.html to add an administrator account.
N/A2018-04-22CVE-2017-17902cve SQL Injection exists in Kliqqi CMS 3.5.2 via the randkey parameter of a new story at the pligg/story.php?title= URI.
N/A2018-04-22CVE-2017-17889cve Kliqqi CMS 3.5.2 has XSS via a crafted group name in pligg/groups.php, a crafted Homepage string in a profile, or a crafted string in Tags or Description within pligg/submit.php.
N/A2018-04-22CVE-2018-9245cve The Ericsson-LG iPECS NMS A.1Ac login portal has a SQL injection vulnerability in the User ID and password fields that allows users to bypass the login page and execute remote c...
N/A2018-04-22CVE-2018-10286cve The Ericsson-LG iPECS NMS A.1Ac web application discloses sensitive information such as the NMS admin credentials and the PostgreSQL database credentials to logged-in users via ...
N/A2018-04-22CVE-2018-10285cve The Ericsson-LG iPECS NMS A.1Ac web application uses incorrect access control mechanisms. Since the app does not use any sort of session ID, an attacker might bypass authenticat...
N/A2018-04-22CVE-2018-10289cve In MuPDF 1.13.0, there is an infinite loop in the fz_skip_space function of the pdf/pdf-xref.c file. A remote adversary could leverage this vulnerability to cause a denial of se...
N/A2018-04-21CVE-2018-10268cve An issue was discovered in FastAdmin V1.0.0.20180417_beta. There is XSS via the application\api\controller\User.php avatar parameter.
N/A2018-04-21CVE-2018-10267cve a=add_post URI.
N/A2018-04-21CVE-2018-10266cve admin_p_nav=user URI.
N/A2018-04-21CVE-2018-10265cve An issue was discovered in HongCMS v3.0.0. There is a CSRF vulnerability that can add an administrator account via the admin/index.php/users/save URI.
N/A2018-04-21CVE-2018-10284cve Adaltech G-Ticket v70 EME104 has SQL Injection via the mobile-loja/mensagem.asp eve_cod parameter.
N/A2018-04-21CVE-2018-10283cve CliqueMania loja virtual 14 has SQL Injection via the patch/remote.php id parameter in a recomendar action.
N/A2018-04-21CVE-2018-10126cve LibTIFF 4.0.9 has a NULL pointer dereference in the jpeg_fdct_16x16 function in jfdctint.c.
N/A2018-04-21CVE-2017-15640cve app/sections/user-menu.php in phpIPAM before 1.3.1 has XSS via the ip parameter.
N/A2018-04-21CVE-2018-10254cve Netwide Assembler (NASM) 2.13 has a stack-based buffer over-read in the disasm function of the disasm/disasm.c file. Remote attackers could leverage this vulnerability to cause ...
N/A2018-04-20CVE-2018-10253cve Paessler PRTG Network Monitor before mishandles stack memory during unspecified API calls.
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