WireShark 0.99.6 released

Gerald Combs, the creator of Ethereal®, has initiated the Wireshark network protocol analyzer project, a successor to Ethereal®. The Ethereal® core developer team has moved with Gerald to the Wireshark project

Bug Fixes :

The following vulnerabilities have been fixed. See the security advisory for details and a workaround.

  • Wireshark could crash when dissecting an HTTP chunked response. (Bug 1394)
  • On some systems, Wireshark could crash while reading iSeries capture files. (Bug 1415)
  • Wireshark could exhaust system memory while reading a malformed DCP ETSI packet. (Bug 1264)
  • Wireshark could loop excessively while reading a malformed SSL packet. (Bug 1582)
  • The DHCP/BOOTP dissector was susceptible to an off-by-one error. (Bug 1416)
  • Wireshark could loop excessively while reading a malformed MMS packet. (Bug 1342)

New and Updated Features :

  • The following features are new (or have been significantly updated) since the last release:
  • You no longer have to restart Wireshark after changing column preferences. Woohoo!
  • You can now export HTTP objects via File→Export→Objects→HTTP.
  • Display filter macros are now supported.
  • Right-clicking on a packet lets you copy many more things, such as the packet summary and the packet bytes.
  • You can now match upper- and lower-case text with the contains operator, e.g. upper(http.request.method) contains "GET".
  • A great deal of code has been cleaned up, including fixing many compiler errors. Many thanks to those who worked on this.

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