Tcpdump 3.9.6 and Libpcap 0.9.6 released

tcpdump is a common computer network debugging tool that runs under the command line. It allows the user to intercept and display TCP/IP and other packets being transmitted or received over a network to which the computer is attached

  • Update man page to reflect changes to libpcap
  • Changes to both TCP and IP Printer Output
  • Fix a potential buffer overflow in the 802.11 printer
  • Print basic info about a few more Cisco LAN protocols.
  • mDNS cleanup
  • ICMP MPLS rework of the extension code
  • bugfix: use the correct codepoint for the OSPF simple text auth token
    entry, and use safeputs to print the password.
  • Add support in pflog for additional values
  • Add support for OIF RSVP Extensions UNI 1.0 Rev. 2 and additional RSVP objects
  • Add support for the Message-id NACK c-type.
  • Add support for 802.3ah loopback ctrl msg
  • Add support for Multiple-STP as per 802.1s
  • Add support for rapid-SPT as per 802.1w
  • Add support for CFM Link-trace msg, Link-trace-Reply msg, Sender-ID tlv, private tlv, port, interface status
  • Add support for unidirectional link detection as per
  • Add support for the olsr protocol as per RFC 3626 plus the LQ extensions from
  • Add support for variable-length checksum in DCCP, as per section 9 of
    RFC 4340.
  • Add support for per-VLAN spanning tree and per-VLAN rapid spanning tree
  • Add support for Multiple-STP as per 802.1s
  • Add support for the cisco propriatry ’dynamic trunking protocol’
  • Add support for the cisco proprietary VTP protocol
  • Update dhcp6 options table as per IETF standardization activities

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