Security-Database is now CVE Compatible !

Security-Database is very proud to announce that we are now Officially Register as "CVE-Compatible". You can reach the announce on the CVE Website here.

This agreement mean that our work on standards is now officially recognize by those how write them ;) Mitre. It’s a lot of work, and an achievement for those long days and nights working on Security-Database.

We would like to thanks all Mitre members and specially to Robert Martin for this help.

Of course, we also apply on CWE Compatibility program, and it will be our next step to support all Mitre standards.

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Security Database Alerts quotation are mostly based on the publicly known vulnerabilities identified on the CVE List. CVE names (also called "CVE numbers," "CVE-IDs," and "CVEs") are unique, common identifiers for publicly known information security vulnerabilities. CVE names have "entry" or "candidate" status. Entry status indicates that the CVE name has been accepted to the CVE List while candidate status (also called "candidates," "candidate numbers," or "CANs") indicates that the name is under review for inclusion in the list.

"CVE-compatible" means that a tool, Web site, database, or other security product or service uses CVE names in a manner that allows it to be cross-referenced with other products that employ CVE names. CVE-compatible means:

  • CVE SEARCHABLE - A user can search using a CVE name to find related information.
  • CVE OUTPUT - Information is presented that includes the related CVE name(s).
  • MAPPING - The repository owner has provided a mapping relative to a specific version of CVE, and has made a good faith effort to ensure accuracy of that mapping.
  • DOCUMENTATION - The organization’s standard documentation includes a description of CVE, CVE compatibility, and the details of how its customers can use the CVE-related functionality of its product or service.

Also, thanks to all our fans/members/followers and visitors who give us the strength to work on Security-Database.

The Team


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