Focus on CCWAPSS Web Application Scoring Scale Version 1.0

A friend of mine Frederic Charpentier (senior security consultant) developed a good new web application scoring scale called CCWAPSS. CCWAPSS stands for Common Criteria Web Application Security and it aims to share a common evaluation method for web application security assessments/pentests between security auditors and final customers.

Key benefits of CCWAPSS framework :

  • Fighting against the « gaussienne » inclination using a restricted granularity that forces the auditor to clear-cut score (there is no medium choice).
  • Offering a solution to interpretation problems between different auditors by providing clear and well documented criteria.
  • The maximum score (10/10) means “compliant with Best Practices†. This score could be exceeded in case of excellence (like a medical vision evaluation such as 12/10).

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