CVSS V2.0 Web based calculator released

CVSS stands for Common vulnerability Scoring System. It helps to score vulnerabilities severity and determine urgency of response and patch management. For more advanced information about CVSS Scoring metrics, please refer to

We have just released a new CVSS V2.0 calculator. As this new version of CVSS is a bit more complex than the version 1.0, we added vectors’ explaination according to what comes into documentation.

The scores are displayed with graphics and numbers and could be accessed either from the appropriate web site menu (Solution - CVSS Tools) or by clicking in CVE link (Calculate full CVSS 2.0 vectors scores)

The CVSS calculators are useful set of toolkit used to qualify and quantify vulnerabilities in your network permises. It could be a great help to prioritize the critical patch deployment processus.

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