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CPE Namecpe:/a:powerdns:powerdns:3.0
VendorPowerdnsFirst view 2006-04-27
ProductPowerdnsLast view 2012-02-17
CPE Productcpe:/a:powerdns:powerdns

Activity : Overall

Related : CVE

 DateAlertAccess VectorAccess ComplexityAuthentication
52012-02-17CVE-2012-0206NetworkLowNone Requ...
52006-04-27CVE-2006-2069NetworkLowNone Requ...

CWE : Common Weakness Enumeration

100% (2)CWE-399Resource Management Errors

Open Source Vulnerability Database (OSVDB)

78251PowerDNS Infinite Loop Response Packet Parsing Remote DoS
40107PowerDNS Malformed EDNS0 Packet Remote DoS

OpenVAS Exploits

2012-04-02Name : Fedora Update for pdns FEDORA-2012-0263
File : nvt/gb_fedora_2012_0263_pdns_fc16.nasl
2012-03-12Name : Gentoo Security Advisory GLSA 201202-04 (pdns)
File : nvt/glsa_201202_04.nasl
2012-02-13Name : Fedora Update for pdns FEDORA-2012-1207
File : nvt/gb_fedora_2012_1207_pdns_fc15.nasl
2012-02-12Name : FreeBSD Ports: powerdns, powerdns-devel
File : nvt/freebsd_powerdns1.nasl
2012-02-11Name : Debian Security Advisory DSA 2385-1 (pdns)
File : nvt/deb_2385_1.nasl
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2012-01-11Name : PowerDNS Authoritative Server Remote Denial of Service Vulnerability
File : nvt/gb_powerdns_51355.nasl

Nessus® Vulnerability Scanner

2012-02-23Name : The remote Gentoo host is missing one or more security-related patches.
File : gentoo_GLSA-201202-04.nasl - Type : ACT_GATHER_INFO
2012-02-13Name : The remote Fedora host is missing a security update.
File : fedora_2012-1207.nasl - Type : ACT_GATHER_INFO
2012-01-19Name : The remote Fedora host is missing a security update.
File : fedora_2012-0263.nasl - Type : ACT_GATHER_INFO
2012-01-17Name : The remote name server may be affected by a denial of service vulnerability.
File : powerdns_3_0_1.nasl - Type : ACT_GATHER_INFO
2012-01-13Name : The remote FreeBSD host is missing one or more security-related updates.
File : freebsd_pkg_3338f87c3d5f11e1a00a000c6eb41cf7.nasl - Type : ACT_GATHER_INFO
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2012-01-12Name : The remote Debian host is missing a security-related update.
File : debian_DSA-2385.nasl - Type : ACT_GATHER_INFO
2007-10-17Name : The remote SuSE system is missing the security patch pdns-1314
File : suse_pdns-1314.nasl - Type : ACT_GATHER_INFO