Security-Database OVAL Repository Update

OVAL Repository downloads include Data Files of all vulnerability, compliance, inventory, and patch definitions for supported platforms. Data Files are intended for use with the Reference OVAL Interpreter, while both Data Files and the Bulk Content download (i.e., all definitions and schemas for all platforms) may be used with Products and Services Using OVAL. OVAL Repository content for past versions of the OVAL Language is available in the OVAL Archive.

We have updated our OVAL Repository to match to the new OVAL Repository :

Here is the news from OVAL : “In order to provide better access to the contents of the OVAL Repository we have restructured the set of static downloads. Downloads will now be available based upon the lowest version of the OVAL Language that is needed to support the content. Downloads will be made available going back to Version 5.3 of the OVAL Language. Static downloads for all subsequent versions of the OVAL Language will be cumulative, meaning that all content that is included in the Version 5.3 downloads will also be included in the Version 5.4 downloads. Note that some content available in later versions of the OVAL Language will not be included in earlier static content downloads. This situation will occur when content make use of language features that are not available in earlier versions of OVAL.â€

You could reach ou Reposiroty Here

In the main time, we have updated our dashboard to include the last version available of our OVAL Rep. Today : 5.10. We are actually downloading the 5.10.1


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