Security-Database Best IT Security Tools for 2009

The year 2009 was very intense of emotions, sadness, sorrows, and conflicts. The world as we knew or at least our parents did is changing so fast and unfortunately not in the right way.

The very bad economic situation, the stinky religions conflicts, the riots and wars, the increase of radical extremists and the policy of fear that the governments feed us are urging this earth to an excruciating end.

But instead of talking about politicians and their immature and childish job they are doing as spreading fear, making the wrong choices (as usual), wasting taxpayers money and time, dumping people into poverty, we’d prefer focusing into enumerating the great software and tools we’ve seen this year.

So, we are happy that 2009 is finally over and we expect the best for 2010.

— Security-Database Team

 Scoring criteria

We’ve conducted this new survey on the basis on some criteria (as we did two years before).
Since the last survey (2007), we decided to add these new criteria:

  • Community support
  • Documentation
  • Popularity (Twitter followers)
Criteria Comment
AudienceEach tool has its target audience.
Community SupportTool has a community version with support and the appropriate documentation.
DocumentationAll documentation are easy to read and to understand and at least written in English. Wiki, blogs and other collaborative support are a must.
FeaturesBuilt-in, plug-in, functionalities, capabilities, use of APIs, interoperability with other systems.
MaintenanceFrequency of bugs fixing, generating new releases, nightly builds, beta testing.
PopularityThe popularity of the tool among the community, Twitter followers and average of visits and download based on our statistics for the year 2009.
ReportingSupport of charts, dashboard, exporting to multiple formats
Standards, Metrics & Open StandardsThe ability of the tool to map findings with Compliance, standards and open standards or to score vulnerability /
risks with metrics.

Standard and metrics could be: CVE, CVSS, CWE, CPE, CCE, OVAL, SCAP, CAPEC, ISO 2700x, NIST, PCI DSS...
UpdatesFrequency of updates: adding new features, new plug-in,
updating vulnerability database, updating techniques…

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